Our Sochi Champions: Nadezhda Skardino

Biathlete Nadezhda Skardino is one of the most accurate and stable female shooters of the modern biathlon. Nadezhda is the Champion of Europe, twice the winner and silver medalist of 2007 Universiade and a bronze medalist of 2011 World Championship. Also many times the athlete stood on the victory stands of different World Cup's stages.

Nadezhda was born in a large family (she has two brothers and four sisters) in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the age of 7 she came to ski sports class, but the races did not bring her satisfaction. NAdezhda even thought of giving up sport. But in 2005 a Belarusian coach offered her to try herself in biathlon. And Nadezhda liked it! So in the end she fully exchanged simple skiing for biathlon. When Belarusian team invited Skardino to beat for them she took the offer. Nowadays Nadezhda lives in Minsk, although her family is still in St. Petersburg.

Our Sochi Champions: Nadezhda Skardino

In the season of 2011-2012 Nadezhda had some eye-sight problems, which caused the change to the worse of the biathlete's effectiveness. However after a successful vision correction surgery Nadezhda quickly redeemed the title of one of the most accurate today's biathletes.

Thanks to this and a good skating step in sprint the Belarusian athlete managed to win her first own bronze medal at the World Cup's stage in the season of 2012-2013.

At the Sochi Olympics Nadezhda was not a favorite of the Belarusian team, giving way to Darya Domracheva. In the pursuit race Skardino made a bad shot and cut off the series of 129 bull's eyes. Maybe that was the reason why Nadezhda, as she said after her victory, was on age from the very morning of February 14, the day of the individual race. Especially during the adjustment fire. Nadezhda was afraid even of getting started and getting to the first shooting. But in the right moment Skardino managed to compose herself. She realized that that was, probably, the greatest chance in her career. And Nadezhda did not miss it - she did not even overshoot, not even once.

Our Sochi Champions: Nadezhda Skardino

Nadya Skardino and Dasha Domracheva on the victory stand

The bronze medal of Sochi 2014 Olympics is the biggest achievement for Nadezhda Skardino so far. Let's hope that that medal is just a beginning for one of the best ski snipers of the world!


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