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Our Sochi Champions: Alla Tsuper Alla Tsuper is, undoubtedly, the greatest Belarusian sensation of Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. more info
Our Sochi Champions: Anton Kushnir 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi became an outstanding event for Belarus, having given the record-breaking number of medals so far. Freestyler Anton Kushnir is one of our great champions that made a gold contribution to it. more info
Belarusian Traditional Cuisine: Not Just Potato! Perhaps, one of the most pleasant ways to get to know a people’s soul is a traditional cuisine. Belarusian cuisine has a very long and interesting history. It has a lot in common with the cuisines of neighboring Slavic nations — Russian, Ukrainians, Polish, also it was influenced by Latvian and Lithuanian traditions. Belarusian cuisine is persistent in keeping the national traditions and peculiarities, that from old times was determined by the economy specialization — producing of grains, potato, meat, milk and vegetables. more info
Minsk City Sculpture Through Times The idea of portraits that come to life is not rare in the world literature: “The Bronze Horseman”, “Don Juan”, “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”, “The Picture of Dorian Gray” – The Minsk citizens are lucky — the statues in Minsk have never come to life and chase anybody! However, that does not make them less interesting, at least some of them. more info
World-Known Sons of Belarus It is interesting to know that Belarus has, actually, given the world its most prominent people. Artists and writers, the reals jewels of the world art; inventors and scientists, that made a revolution in the world of technique; key figures of TV and film industry, whose names are known to everybody; politicians, that stand in the head of countries. And all of them started here, on the Belarusian lands. more info
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