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The Most Famous Ghosts of Belarus A good ghost in a modern world is a great fortune: demanding nothing in return, it brings much for the tourism. Sometimes the hotel owners are eager to make up some mystical story to attract more guests. Belarus, however, does not need anything to make up: our ghost stories are first-class. more info
Slutsk Waistbands: History and Unknown Facts What do we know about Slutsk waistbands? Firstly, slutsk waistbands are the symbol of Belarusian culture. Secondly, there are practically no waistbands left in Belarus. Thirdly, Maxim Bogdanovich, the famous Belarusian poet, was wrong when wrote his well-known poem The Weaver-Women of Slutsk - the waistbands were weaved by men only. more info
Unusual Museums in Belarus Strange, funny and creepy... If you are bored and find nothing interesting in traditional serious museums and art galleries, there is no reason to worry — there is a guide of the most outrageous museums of Belarus. Welcome! more info
Gomel: Buried in Verdure Gomel is one of the oldest cities in the territory of Belarus, the first settlement dates back to the end of the 1 millennium A.D. The name “Gomel” was first mentioned in chronicles under 1142. Nowadays Gomel is a large industrial city and the second most populated after Minsk and can boast numerous sights — the monuments of its long and rich history. more info
Mogilev: The Last Capital Mogilev, the city on the Dnieper, is one of the oldest in Belarus. The last capital of the Russian Empire, field for many battles of WWII, Mogilev managed to preserve unique and impressive monuments of history. Do not miss an opportunity to see the treasures of the cultural capital of Belarus. more info
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