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Brest: Guarding the Borders Widely known for Hero Fortress Monument, Brest, however, has lots of other attraction to satisfy the most sophisticated tourist. Marvelous churches and cathedrals with a rich history, museums with unique and rare exhibits, monuments of wars and wonderful city sculptures — this border city on the Bug River will not stop to amaze you. more info
The History Corners of Grodno This city on the bank of the Neman River amazes with the diversity of its historical and cultural heritage. Located on the border with Poland, Grodno was one of the center cities in the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which left traces on its destiny. Thankfully, during WWII did not affect Grodno at a such scale as the other Belarusian cities, so nowadays we have a great opportunity to enjoy and admire the oldest monuments of history. more info
Vitebsk: the city on the Western Dvina Vitebsk is a city on the North-East of Belarus, the capital of the Vitebsk Region. Vitebsk is named after River Vitba on the banks of which it was built in 974 — which, by the way, makes Vitebsk the second oldest Belarusian city after Polotsk. So what Vitebsk is famous for, what should not be missed when you are there? more info
Travelling to Minsk: how, where and what Minsk is the capital, the largest city of Belarus, its political, economic, scientific and cultural center. Having a long and rich history that started from the ancient times (first was mentioned in the Medieval Chronicles under the year of 1067) Minsk can boast a really impressive cultural heritage. Minsk has a reputation of a modern, calm, clean and hospitable city and together with its numerous sights and historical monuments it attracts thousands of tourists every year which makes Minsk a very popular tourism center. more info
Souvenirs from Belarus It is impossible to visit some country and leave without gifts or souvenirs. Belarus is no exception. It is well-known for its linen, unique straw, clay and wooden works, felt boots and sheepskin caps. Belarus is also natural milk and meat products, incredible variety of potato dishes, flavorful bread, original strong herbal drinks, apples and cranberry sweets — everything to make a trip to our country unforgettable! more info
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