Additional Bus Routes During the Championship

More than 10 bus routes are to be opened in Minsk for 2014 WHC.

The places and objects of the most tourist interest are already known. Considering this the new additional bus routes were worked out. They allow the fans not only to reach the main sport arenas but also see the city's attractions. The routes will go through the hotels, student village, metro stations.

The new routes include bus routes between Chyzhowka Arena with Minsk Arena, Avtozavodskaya Metro Station, Loshiča Bus Stop and the Student Village (Hostels); between Minsk Arena and Tsentralny Bus Station, Nemiha Metro Station, the Student Village (Hostels); between Tsentralny Bus Station and the Student Village (Hostels), Minsk National Airport. And at Minsk National Airport you can catch a bus right to the Student Village.

Trolleybus № 10Д Pushkinskaya Metro Station - Minsk Arena


№ 1C Nemiga Metro Station - Minsk Arena
№ 300 Tsentralny Bus Station - Minsk National Airport
№ 911 Tsentralny Bus Station - Minsk Arena
№ 912 Tsentralny Bus Station - Student Village
№ 913 Tsentralny Bus Station - Chyzhowka Arena
№ 914 Minsk Arena - Chyzhowka Arena (along Minsk Beltway/MKAD)
№ 916 Minsk National Airport - Student Village
№ 919 Minsk Arena - Student Village
№ 920 Chyzhowka Arena - Student Village
№ 926 Chyzhowka Arena - Avtozavodskaya Metro Station
№ 951 Chyzhowka Arena - Loshitsa Train Station

Additional Bus Routes in Minsk

The new routes will be functioning only during the championship for convenience of the guests of the city. After the championship the routes will be cancelled.


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