Registration for 2014 WHC Guests

The international fans that come to Belarus for the 2014 WHC across the territory of Russia, need a Russian transit visa. Also, to leave Belarus, fans need a note of registration.

When coming to Belarus across the territory of the Russian Federation, needs a Russian transit visa - that is a requirement from the Russian side.

A citizen that comes to the WHC, must within 5 days (excepting weekends and holidays) make residence registration. This procedure will be conducted either by the hotel administration, or administration of the Student Village. The procedure is simplified to the maximum and does not demand from a tourist to visit any authorities. When leaving the country, on the border the tourist is obliged to show the passport, the ticket for a WHC match and the note of entry. Only them he or she will be allowed to leave Belarus.

The State Border Committee also claimed that the fans will go through the border entry point as a matter of priority and will not stay in line. The same agreement was reached with Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.


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