The Mascot of the WHC 2014 has been chosen

Like any other serious championship, the WHC 2014 has its own mascot to bring some fortune to the playing teams and to make people associate this very championship with the place where it is going to be held - the Republic of Belarus. It's easy to guess right that a bison has been chosen to become the mascot of the hockey championship, since bisons have always been recognized as unstated symbols of Belarus alongside with storks. A bison is a strong and wise beast, which is included into the list of endangered species of Belarus. The name of the mascot has also been chosen: it will be called Volat, what means "a strong one" in Belarusian.

Of course, there was a polling held on the point of the name of the mascot beforehand. In the result more than 859 people decided that the name Volat matches the bison most of all. We can say that this name has really been adopted by the Belarusian people, since approximately 3 578 people took part in this voting. The polling was held on April, 10-20 here and here. There were around 290 names for the mascot to choose from. The names "Byelovezhik", "Rusty", "Vyezhik", "Zubrik", "Yanka" and, certainly, "Volat" gained the most of the votes in the result. Mariya Matskevich from Minsk and Leonid Kravchenko from Vitebsk region, who both offered the winner-name "Volat", will be awarded some pleasant prizes.

It has already been mentioned that "Volat" means "a strong person" in Old Belarusian. Well, in the mythology of Belarus only a very strong and tall man could be called "a volat". According to the known legends, volats lived in ancient times and were buried in special burial mounds. Let us hope, that Volat of the WHC 2014 will bring power and strength to the members of the championship! 

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