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Bison Mascots in the Center of Minsk Last Friday two billboard depicting a bison, the mascot of 2014 World Hockey Championship, were installed in the city center - one near the city hall, the other in the garden square near Oktyabrskaya Metro Station. more info
Individual Travel Cards Common individual travel cards for Minsk public transport will be issued for the participants and guests of 2014 World Hockey Championship. more info
World Hockey Championship Souvenirs An essential part of such an event as World Hockey Championship is, without any doubt, is souvenirs with the logos that will help make the memories of the championship linger. And Belarus takes this question very serious. more info
Ticket selling scheme The ticket sellings to the WHC 2014 will begin in September, 2013. All matches will take place either in Minsk-Arena (28 matches of the preliminary stage, 2 matches of 1/4 of the final, 2 matches of 1/2 of the final, the 3rd place match, the final) or in Chizhovka-Arena (28 matches of the preliminary stage, 2 matches of 1/4 of the final). The prices will depend on the rating of member-teams and the time when the match starts. Allegedly, preliminary matches tickets will cost from 6 to 50 euro, and the final matches will be around 25 euro and more. more info
The Mascot of the WHC 2014 has been chosen Like any other serious championship, the WHC 2014 has its own mascot to bring some fortune to the playing teams and to make people associate this very championship with the place where it is going to be held - the Republic of Belarus. It's easy to guess right that a bison has been chosen to become the mascot of the hockey championship, since bisons have always been recognized as unstated symbols of Belarus alongside with storks. A bison is a strong and wise beast, which is included into the list of endangered species of Belarus. The name of the mascot has also been chosen: it will be called Volat, what means "a strong one" in Belarusian. more info
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