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Alexander Andrijevsky: Long-Term Leader Alexander Andrijevsky is a Belarusian former professional hockey player, that for his 20-year career has played not only in the homeland, but the USA and Europe. Once a constant member of the National Team of Belarus and the best hockey player, nowadays Alexander Andrijevsky continues his career in hockey as a coach and trains HC Dinamo Minsk, that represents Belarus in KHL more info
Alexey Kalyuzhny: Plays for Pleasure Alexey Kalyuzhny is one of the most famous and popular Belarusian hockey players thanks to his long and successful career in different clubs of the Russian elite division. Having spent the most of his career in Russia, curretly Kalyuzhny defends the colors of HC Dinamo Minsk, where he intends to get fully ready for 2014 WHC. more info
Dmitry Meleshko: A Long-Time "Zubr" Dmitry Meleshko is a Belarussian professional ice hockey winger who currently plays for HC Dinamo Minsk of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). A long timer of Minsk Club, Meleshko is also a regular player of the National Team of Belarus, that is not going to miss the coming championship of the international level. more info
Mikhail Grabovsky: Hungry For Winning Mikhail Grabovsky is a Belarusian professional ice hockey player (center) who is currently a member of the Washington Capitals. The winner of numerous titles and well-known on the international hockey stage, Mikhail is one of hopes for great results of Belarusian National Team at 2014 WHC. more info
Geoff Platt: A Belarusian Canadian Geoff Platt is an originally Canadian hockey player, long-term resident of HC Dinamo Minsk, who after the change of the citizenship cannot wait to participate in his first match for the Belarusian National Team. more info
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