Christmas Balls in Mir Castle Mir Castle will invite tourists for Christmas Balls in January 2014, director of the Mir Castle museum Olga Popko said during the presentation of the Mir Castle tourism program at Tourbusiness 2013 expo on 23-25 October. more info
Vankovich's Work Returned to Belarus The first picture of Belarusian artist Valentiy Vankovich has returned to Belarus. Belgasprombank OAO bought work " Portrait of Poet Tomasz Zan" from a Russian collector. This work is the only one that has returned to the artist's homeland. more info
UN Outer Space Conference in Minsk In November in State Belarusian University the conference "Space Technologies in Social and Economic Development" will be held in State Belarusian University. more info
2014 Day of Belarusian Written Language in Zaslavl In 2014 the Day of Belarusian Written Language will be held in Zaslavl, Minsk region, on September 7. Day of Belarusian Written Language is an annual holiday that is marked on the first Sunday of September. more info
Belarus & India's Cultural Cooperation The program of cooperation on culture, art and education for 2014-2016 between Belarus and India was signed in Minsk. The ceremony took place on October 17 in the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater. more info
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