Mystery Guest at Victoria Hotel This 4-star hotel is located not far from Minsk-Arena and the center of the city. The hotel, which is by the way a business center as well, threw open its doors in 2007 and is supposed to be a hotel for business people mostly. Victoria Hotel was highly appraised by the Government, but let us see, whether this praise is fair. Read the article to find out the advantages and disadvantages of staying at this place, according to the opinion of the journalist from more info
Mystery Guest at Hotel Yubileiny The main aim of the mystery guest, who is a journalist from, is to settle into a standard single suite of a hotel and post positive and negative impressions about the service and the hotel itself. You can also read about the results of the experiments at Garni Hotel, Crowne Plaza and Minsk hotel. Hotel Yubileiny is not a typical hotel: built in the Soviet era, nowadays the reputation of the hotel doesn't change even despite of extensive restoration: a lot of people think that it's a Soviet hotel with Soviet service. Is it right to thinks so? The mystery guest was sent to Yubileiny to find that out. more info
Mystery Guest at Garni Hotel Garni Hotel was another hotel, visited by the journalist from as a mystery guest. Through the example of his visits to Minsk Hotel and Crowne Plaza, we can see, that the hotels in Minsk are far from being perfect. So what did the mystery guest find out about Garni Hotel this time? Read the article to learn that. more info
Foreigners in Belarus: translation problems Many foreigners are expected to arrive in Belarus to visit the WHC 2014. But are Belarusian people able to communicate with all these people from abroad? Is it going to be difficult for a foreigner to ask the way in the streets of Minsk? An experiment has been conducted recently in order to answer these questions. more info
Mystery Shopper at Minsk Hotel A mystery shopper, sent by, has visited Minsk Hotel recently. This hotel is located in the center of the city and is supposed to be one of the best of all 4-star hotels in Belarus. But what has the mystery guest found out in the result of his research? more info
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