Mystery Shopper at Crowne Plaza Minsk Belarusian portal sent a mystery shopper to one of the most luxurious hotels in Minsk, Crowne Plaza. This hotel belongs to the world known chain of hotels around the world and is proud of the level of service it provides. The mystery shopper checked it out. more info
A five-fold paralympic champion is going to build several mini-hotels Oleg Shepel', who is a five-fold paralympic champion and the Head of Belarusian Disabled Persons Assocoation, has recently set up another mini-hotel in Belarus. But it is not a finish point, he says, the dream of this outstanding man is to create a real complex of premium mini-hotels. The first one was "U fontana", that was created in 2005 in Minsk. In 2010 Gubernsky Hotel threw its doors open to the public in Vitebsk. Analogous hotel has recently been created in Minsk, as well. more info
16 new objects will appear in the historical part of Minsk till the end of 2013 It has been planned to set up around 16 new objects in the historical part of Minsk for various purposes. The Hotel complex in Cyril and Methodius street altogether with an archaeological museum (the museum and the hotel will be open for public in January, 2014) and an educational and ecclesiastical center of the Orthodox Church of Belarus can be called the most important of all the objects. The educational and ecclesiastical center is almost built (the readiness amounts up to 97%). more info
Hotel accommodation is overpriced by 20-40% in Belarus In anticipation of the World Hockey Championship 2014 a lot of questions appear. The most topical ones are the following: will hotel accommodation prices ever get lower before the World Hockey Championship 2014 begins? How many people will come to Belarus? Is there enough accommodation for all the guests? What do people think about Belarusian hotels and hostels? more info
The social and economic development forecast The Government of the Republic of Belarus is going to elaborate the plan and to work out the forecast of the social and economic development of the state for 2014. All in all, at least 7 alternatives have already been considered, but the work shouldn't stop, that is why some other variants are going to be examined in the closest time, according to the words of Pyotr Prokopvich, who is the deputy Prime-Minister of Belarus, working on this discussed matter. more info
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