BelToll: Road Taxes in Belarus

11 September 2013

If you travel to Belarus by your own car, you should know that this summer Belarus introduced a beltoll, belarus, toll roads, toll collection systemnew road tax system BelToll - a digital toll collection system for the passage on the highways.

The length of toll roads in Belarus is 815 km. It includes

  • highway М1/Е30 Brest (Kozlovichi) - Minsk - the Russian border(Redki) (609km)

as well as individual sections of highways:

  • M2 Minsk - the National Airport Minsk (27km)
  • M3 Minsk - Vitebsk (32km)
  • M4 Minsk - Mogilev (58km)
  • M5/E271 Minsk - Gomel (44km)
  • M6/E28 Minsk - Grodno - the Polish border (Bruzgi) (45km)

If you are planning to drive some of these roads it is necessary and mandatory to equip the vehicle with a small electronic device, called on-board unit (OBU) in advance. Equipped with an OBU the driver may drive on any lane, does not have to reduce speed or stop the vehicle on the tolled roads.

All the necessary information such as the toll rates, map of the toll roads and the location of customer service points you can find on the BelToll website.

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