Book Crossing in Minsk

3 March 2014

Book Crossing in MinskAn unusual for Belarus action "Knigovorot" (Book Crossing) started in Minsk at the Central Railway Station. The passengers can fill in time reading books in the waiting room.

Why are these books so special? The issues that are waiting for their readers on the special bookshelf at the concourse of Minsk Passazhirsky Railway Station, participate in BookCrossing Action. The labels on the books say: "This book is not lost. See all the information inside." This is how an attentive reader gets to know that the issue is a part of nothing less than the world "library".

As envisioned by the initiators of BookCrossing, anyone who feels like it can make a book a part of the action. For that he or she needs to register the book at, give it an identification number "leave" it on so called "save bookshelf". Inside the book there is a request to register the finding at the above mentioned website. After that you just need to see the adventures of the book, while it is not left in one place, but travels over cities or even countries!

The world library is already more than a decade. The action that got its start in the USA, later moved to Europe, inducing for an unusual book exchange the citizens of Italy and France first, and then the action came to Belarusian and Russian cities. And Minsk Passazhirsky Railway Station was the first one in Belarus to become a part of the book crossing.


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