Impressive FreeStyle Sport Complex opened in Minsk

13 April 2015

A long-expected FreeStyle Sport Complex is finally opened in the center of Minsk, however, still in a test mode. Such a name for the complex was not chosen accidentally — it was originally meant for trainings of professional sportsmen (freestylers, synchronous swimmers, jumpers) and holding of international competitions. But later it was decided to equip it also for entertaining purposes of ordinary citizens, who can spend time at a bath and thermal complex, bowling, billiard, gym, restaurant.

The complex contains the deepest pool in the country, it’s depth swings from 4.5 to 8.5 meters. Alas, this very pool is for sportsmen only. Freestylers, synchronous swimmers, jumpers as well as rescue divers can brush up on their skills there.

Freestyle sport complex in Minsk

The diving towers are made of concrete, which is rare for Europe. The towers are certificated for the international competitions. There are special windows for photo and video cameras under the pool, so the reports can shoot the sportsmen.

The water area can boast 7 water slides, both body and with rafts. The water area is surrounded by a lazy river; there are a lot of hot tubs all over the area. A hydraulic launcher is quite an interesting amusement ride — a guest sits down on a special chair and a strong water head shoves him or her out into a small pool.

Freestyle sport complex in Minsk

The water in the kids’ area is sterilized by quarts method, not chemical agents. There are also a lot of toys and accessories for non-swimmers. Actually, the water area is suitable for a whole-day rest for a whole family. 

Freestyle sport complex in Minsk

The 2nd floor of the complex offers 8 floating rooms that imitates the Dead Sea effect; a bath and thermal complex that includes a small pool, a tub with an icy water, icy fountains, six rooms with different kinds of steam and even tepidarium. All of it is available for ordinary visitors.

Those who are very hot after the steam rooms can cool themselves in the unique for Belarus snow room. It is relatively small unit with snow piles and cave walls that with the help of special program can turn into a place of snow storm in miniature. 

Freestyle sport complex in Minsk

A gym with brand new equipment is located on the ground floor. The fitness and dancing rooms are available for all the visitors. 

Freestyle sport complex in Minsk

Bowling fans will not also be deprived — there are 5 new tracks, two of which can be transformed for kids’ playing.

Freestyle sport complex in Minsk

FreeStyle sport complex is projected so the sportsmen and people who come there for rest would not bother each other. However the latter will get a possibility to admire interesting shows and beautiful jumps, while the training and resting will be held at the same time. 

New FreeStyle sport complex is located in 4A Sugranova Street, Minsk.

Freestyle sport complex in Minsk



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