Jurassic Minsk

2 August 2015

Who has not ever dream of travelling back to the prehistoric times and seeing the creatures that lived on the Earth then. That is the reason why humanity loves fantastic movies about ancient reptiles and park of dinosaurs so much. There are lots and lots of such parks in many popular tourist destinations all over the world. Actually, starting with July 31, 2015, Minsk citizens and guests also have a chance to see the dinosaurs on the territory of Minsk zoo, where DinoPark opens.   

The park takes 4 hectares and contains 35 prehistoric predators and herbivores that inhabited the Earth more than 100 million years ago. 25 of them are able to move, breathe, roar, blink and some even can spit!

The length of the biggest dino-exhibit is 20 meters, the height is 6 meters.

The visitors of the park will see Diplodocus, Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and many other ancient reptiles. Apart from that, one can witness spectacular scenes from the dinosaurs’ everyday life.  

The owner of the park Vadim Shlapokov says that 25 moving figures were made in China, other 10 figures are from Poland. The material they are made from is a commercial classified information. The rules forbid touching the exhibits. 

The work over the park began this spring. Today the territory is still being tidied up, though the visitors can already get to know the inhabitant of the park, discover where and when did they live, what they used to eat. 

Next year kids’ attractions, play grounds, gazebos and restaurant and café are expected to be opened in DinoPark. Moreover, children will get a chance to take a ride on some of new dinosaurs!

The entry cost to DinoPark is BR110,000 (approx. USD7), admission free  for kids under 5 years old come. The cost of the tickets will get lower in winter, however then the dinosaurs won’t be moving. 

Source: belta.by

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