1st Musical Bench Installed in Minsk

3 July 2015

Another sight appeared in the historical center of Minsk — a musical bench. It was installed in the Upper Town not far from the Cathedral of Holy Spirit. Anyone can sit on it for rest and listen to a classic melody meanwhile.

They say, such benches are very popular in Europe, for example, Vienna and Warsaw. In Minsk this creative bench is a part of a program by Chistoe Deystvie (Clean Action) community trust. The program’s aim is to form a respect for history and get the Belarusians acquaint with the personality of Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky, a polish and Belarusian musician, in the year of his 250th birthday.

The program will be conducted in several stages. The musical bench is the first of them. Later the volunteers are going to start the reconstruction of Oginsky’s estate in Zalesye.

One can listen to the works by the famous musician for free. Just sit on the bench, put your earphones into the jack under the seat and enjoy!


Source: onliner.by

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