New Open-air Waterpark Opens in Minsk

19 July 2015

Dreamland waterpark, Minsk, Belarus

The newly opened Dreamland waterpark is the largest in Belarus and one of largest multifunctional entertainment complexes in Europe. It takes the area of 9 hectares, which is almost fully open-air, except restaurants and facilities with luggage lockers, shower rooms, locker rooms and WCs.

The waterpark’s capacity is 3,000 people, who can enjoy 10 water attractions — 7 slides by a Canadian supplier and 3 pools. At the moment the slides are still closed for testing but are planned to be opened during the season.

The artificial lawn covers 80% of the territory. Though it is not heated, you can walk barefoot and feel pretty comfortable.

Dreamland waterpark in Minsk, Belarus

There are 1,5 thousand sun loungers from artificial rattan cane and 800 umbrellas, still delivered. The guests can use them for free.

Let’s have a look at the attractions. The wave pool reminds of a raging sea’s flowing tides. The max depth is 1,4 meters. Swimming without rafts and tubes is forbidden. The wave appears every 20 minutes and lasts 5-7 minutes; its peak height reaches 50 cm.

Dreamland waterpark in Minsk, Belarus

If you prefer relaxing swimming on the current, the lazy river is for you. Its length is 500 meter.

Dreamland waterpark in Minsk, Belarus

Specially for the little guests there are an interactive play complex with multilevel pool. The max depth reaches 60 cm. 

Among the slides the highest one is Kamikaze slide with the height of 22 meter and the angle of slope of 70°. The kid’s slides is in operation since the day of the park’s opening on July 17, 2015; the other will be opened one by one during the season.

Dreamland waterpark in Minsk, Belarus

The entry price is BR150,000 (approx. USD10) and the using of all the attractions, WCs, locker and showers rooms, sun lounges, umbrellas, tubes and parking lot is included in the cost. The children of 14-17 years are not allowed to the area of extreme attractions. All the age categories of the guests differ by the bracelet of certain colors.

There are a restaurant and 6 cafes in the rest area.

Dreamland waterpark in Minsk, Belarus

Due to the weather conditions the water areas will be closed from the mid-September, though the water is heated constantly, especially in the kids’ area. For winter the water will be flushed down. The potential of the waterparks area is pretty great, while during off season it can be used as a ground for different sport and other events during winter. 

The water in the pools is filtered, the bottoms are cleaned with a help of special water vacuum cleaners. The harmless for peoples health reagents do not let the water to bloom.

On July 24, 2015 Dreamland entertainment and water park invites everyone for a great foam open-air party. The guests will enjoy 2,000 cube meter of foam and an extreme attraction called Centrifuge. 

The waterpark’s working hours are from 10 am to 21 pm, without days off. 



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