Olympic Belarus Exhibition Opened in Minsk

13 May 2014

Olympic Belarus Exhibition Opened in MinskThe exhibition relies on photos and videos in 11 thematic sections that stand for the 11 Olympic games that Belarus has taken part in. The works illustrate achievements of Belarusian athletes during the Olympics.

The exhibits include 32 works made by Belarusian Telegraph Agency photo reporters over the last 20 years. It was in 1994 that Belarus took part in the Olympic games as a sovereign state. The expressive shots reveal emotions of athletes, the joy that victories bring or the sorrow left by losses. Photos have also been provided by the National Olympic Committee of Belarus and athletes themselves.

Unlike other exhibitions this one offers a simulator of Olympic games. Every museum visitor can play the video game, feel the atmosphere of competitions of the past, and track how the entourage of competitions and the virtual reality changed over the years. It is even possible to "become" an Olympic champion.

The exhibition has been organized by the National Art Museum with assistance of BelTA, the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, Japan Tobacco International Company, and Epson Company.

Visit the exhibition at the National History Museum of Belarus at 12 Karl Marks Street, Minsk.

The official website: http://history.museum.by/en

Source: belta.by

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