Catalogue of Sights

Zhirovichy Monastery For already 500 years Uspensky monastery in Zhirovichy has been the bulwark of the Eastern Christianity on the Belarusian land. And all it began with a small icon that nowadays is one of a hundred of the most worshipped shrines of the Orthodox world. more info
Holy Assumption Orthodox Church in Sarya Sarya is a small village in Vitebsk region that would be interesting for curious travelers. When you drive in the village named after the nearby river Saryanka, you cannot miss an odd looking church in the Neo-Gothic style. By any canon of genre this church should be a Catholic one - and it was in 1851-1857, however now there is an Orthodox curacy. more info
Belarusian Versallies in Mosar Village The Vitebsk land is famous not only for its beautiful lakes and forests. There is a truly a fantastic place, where you want to come back again and again. And this place is a cultural and dendrological complex in Mosar village. Some tourists even called it a Belarusian Versailles, thanks to a very beautiful and well-groomed park. more info
St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Postavy It is admitted by many tourists, that churches in little Belarusian towns would look perfect somewhere on a square in Barcelona. And the catholic church in the town of Postavy is not an exception! This majestic building with great history is without doubt another jewel in the list of Belarusian churches more info
Pinsk Palace: Dandy in a Village Pinsk is called the capital of the Polesye land for a reason. As any real capital, it can boast its own heroes, history, books and architectural jewels. And the palace of Butrimovich is one of the latter. Polish writer Józef Kraszewski once joked that that building was like a dandy in the village. Nowadays the palace is more often called as the jewel of the Polesye. more info
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