Catalogue of Sights

Miracle-Working Madonna in Budslav Everyone who loves Belarus should visit Budslav village in Myadel district (Minsk region). Moreover, this place is special for believers. The pilgrims from all over Belarus and Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia come there to honor a miraculous icon of Madonna Budslavskaya in the famous Catholic church of Bernardians. more info
Augustov Canal: Sight With Double Citizenship Some attractions Belarus shares with Poland. The most vivid example of this phenomenon is, perhaps, Belovezhskaya Pushcha. However, the Augustov Canal can boast the same “double citizenship”. The Augustov Canal is one of prominent objects of hydroengineering architecture of the 1st half of the 19th century that connects the rivers Vistula and Neman. more info
Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve is valuable, untouched, reserved lands that hold the events of the past, animal world of the present and ecology of the future. more info
Palace of Ruzhany The palace of the magnate family of Sapegas in Ruzhany is one of the main attractions not only of Brest region, but Belarus in the whole. This palace complex is without any doubt the landmark of the Belarusian architecture of the 18th century. more info
Castle in Kossovo Kossovo is the smallest town in Belarus. There is no either railroad or a motorway, people live a calm and steady life and everybody knows everyone. The town was first mentioned in 1494, however the architectural monuments, that attract in Kossovo thousands of tourists from various countries, are comparatively young. more info
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