Catalogue of Sights

Gothic Fortified Church in Synkovichy The church of St. Archangel Michael is a church in the village of Synkovichy in Grogno region. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this is one of the first Gothic Orthodox churches in Belarus. more info
Mysterious Castle of Golshany The castle of Golshany is called and open-air museum in Grodno region, Oshmyany district. Once a majestic masterpiece of architecture, now only the ruins can let us to touch the history and imagine these walls still standing high and the decendents of a powerful noble clan of the Sapegas walking along the halls. more info
Lida Castle Grodno region is rich for prominent ancient defensive castles. Apart from Mir Castle, it boasts one of the oldest monuments of defensive architecture in Belarus - Lida Castle. more info
Mir Castle Mir Castle is undoubtedly known to everyone who has heard about Belarus at least once. Belarusian pride, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mir Castle is a unique monument of Belarusian architecture that impresses with its strength and solidity and with all that, gracefulness and finality, and sophisticated external decoration. more info
Belovezhskaya Pushcha: Island of Ancient Forest Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Belovezhskaya Pushcha is the pride and landmark of Belarus. An island of the ancient forest, preserved in almost its primeval state, keeps the riches of pure nature, that cannot be found elswhere in the world. more info
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