Catalogue of Sights

The Tower of Kamenets Built in 1271-1288, this Tower is the tallest tower in Belarus (around 30 m in height) and one of the survived examples of defensive towers of Volyn' type. The sight is located not far from Brest in Kamenets. The walls of the Tower are 2,5 m in width and 13,5 m in diameter. The vigour of the Tower and its powerful look make the sight one of the most important sights to visit in Belarus. more info
The Trinity Church in Gervyaty: a Notre Dame of Belarus The Trinity Church, located in a small village Gervyaty (Ostrovets district, Grodno region), is one of the 3 tallest churches in the Republic of Belarus. Built in 1903, this catholic church is a wonderful example of neo-gothic style. Recently the Trinity Church of Gervyaty has been included into the list of 20 most important touist object. more info
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