Minsk at night

The present loop tour in Minsk is a wonderful way to spend your free evening in the capital of the Republic of Belarus! The city will appear in a totally new light, without city rush and hasty movement. The excursion is created in order to show the most significant and beautiful places of Minsk at night-time. Privokzalnaya square, The "City Gates", Nezavisimosti square (a political and administrative center of the city), the House of the Government, the Red Catholic Church and so on are included into the list of the objects on route. Also, the city citadel, Minsk Town Hall, the Blessed Virgin Catholic Church, the Trinity Suburb and Tears Isle are visited, too. Certainly, the National Library of Belarus is as well visited. 

More than 60 km of true enjoyment will put you in touch with the present and the past of Minsk. What is more, the prices are reasonable: just 15$ for adults and 14$ for children. The excursion may be organised for groups of 2-7 people, 8-19 people or 20-45 people, so it's always possible to order it at any time. Well, don't waste your time on sauntering and watching TV, but pay attention to this wonderful excursion, that is available on Thursdays and Fridays only and lasts for 3 hours, and you definitely have something to remember Minsk by!

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