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This article describes transportation in Minsk. This information applies to other big cities of Belarus as well, except they have no subway and prices are a little lower.

Public transport

In Minsk public transport includes: Metro (Subway | Underground ), Bus, Trolleybus, Tram

Minsk Metro SignMinsk Metro


Minsk Metro is consisted of two lines: Moskovskaya (Blue) and Avtozavodskaya (Red). They are crossed at the stations Oktyabrskaya/Kupalovskaya in the center of Minsk.

Minsk Metro Scheme

The schemes at the stations and trains are transliterated from Belarusian into English using the scientific transliteration, so it may cause some difficulties in understanding.

The new schemes that you can find in the trains has an identifications near which stations Misnk and Chyzhowka Arenas are located, on which stations there is the hostel and where can you catch a bus to that or those object.

For entering Minsk Metro you can buy a token for one trip, or a radio card for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 trips.

The token is thrown into split on the pay gates. When you see a green arrow lit on the pay gate, you can go through. The radio card is put to the right top area of the pay gate, after which the green arrow lights and the little indicator panel shows the number of trips left.

A token now costs a little more than $3, the price of the radio card is differs from $1.5 to $16 depending on the number of trips it provides. Also the radio card itself has its own cost a little more than $1. No matter how much trips the radio card provides, it is valid for 2 months only.

Bus in MinskBus, Trolleybus and Tram


By the above-ground public transport you can get to any place of the city. During the 2014 WHC 11 new bus routes will be launched in Minsk to connect the main objects of the event, such as the Arenas, the Hostel, key Metro stations and train/bus stations.

Read more here: Additional Bus Routes During the Championship

You can buy a ticket for a bus, trolleybus and tram in special MinskTrans kiosks at the stops, in the booking offices in Metro and BelSayuzDruk kiosks. The tickets cost the same as Metro tokens.

In the transport you have to put your ticket into a special ticket punch. The new ticket punches are installed in the Minsk trams: put the ticket into the split (the arrow on the ticket show you how) and the ticket will get automatically punched. Soon, in spring, such ticket punches will be installed also in buses and trolleybuses of Minsk.

If you plan to visit other big cities of Belarus, then you will deal with old versions of ticket punches in the public transport. Put the ticket in the split from the top and push hard the round button of the composter.

Taxi in MinskTaxi


You can identify a taxi by a special sign on the roof of the car. Taxis can be hailed in the street or at designated ranks situated in prominent places. They can also be booked by telephone. But there is one little secret you can use to make it cheaper. Taxi prices are controlled by the city government and are not so high. Sometimes, when a driver sees a foreigner who is going out from the railway station, he wants to get more money from him, so the driver can raise the price of the journey. The way you can protect yourself is to phone to the taxi service & book your cab. Thus your order will be noted by the company & controlled; your journey will be 10-40 % cheaper.

How do you get a taxi in Minsk?

Use the following phone numbers:

107 (short number)
+375 29 1111-007
+375 29 3333-007
+375 29 7777-007
+375 25 9999-007

135 (short number)
+375 29 2222-001
+375 29 3333-001
+375 29 6666-001

157 (short number)
+375 29 6666-157
+375 29 7777-157
+375 25 9999-157

Car RentPrivate car


There is no shortage of car rental agencies in Minsk & big cities of Belarus. Make sure you compare prices, car models and agency locations to get the best deal and always use a reputable company. If you're travelling to Minsk from Europe or Russia, or looking to travel across the country once you're here, using your personal car may be a good option.

Avis Car Rental


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